Fan Reviews

At first when I checked the white version of Ryan Gosling’s Scorpion Jacket, I felt it was ok, not that grand till brought out the “Ryan Gosling Scorpion Black Jacket and I was like,  “SO MUCH BETTER THAN WHITE”. I immediately mentioned my size through their size chart and then added to the cart. When it reached to my place, I like a mad person ripped the package off and started wearing the jacket for trial and the final result came out to be EXCELLENT. Totally worth it, thanks a lot.

I’m not much of a Hunger Game fan, but I love what Jennifer Lawrence wore in the movie, and when I checked that has made the availability of that jacket,  I just ordered it. I’ve mentioned the requirement of whatever their needed through mail and on time I have received the “The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Jacket”. Completely stylish and looks perfect that it seems I asked the jacket from Jennifer Lawrence herself. This is amazing.


The The Bourne Legacy Black Leather Jacket”  is the one that I’m highly satisfied with.  Thanks to Celebswear they gave me the perfect jacket that looks as similar as in the picture. I didn’t care much about the delivery because once I order a t.shirt from an online store and it didn’t come to me at all, but Celebswear proved me wrong and gave me the jacket according to their promised delivery date. As for the jacket I didn’t want it to be a complete fitting, little loose would do and they made it happen as normally all would go for the fitting jacket. Keep up the good work guys.

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1)      The most outstanding jacket I have ever purchased for myself, which is the “Mission Impossible 4 Leather Jacket”.  It was my first purchase to an online site, when I came across, I checked out this Hooded leather jacket available that has been shined by Tom Cruise, so I immediately purchased it and it reach to me on time. Though I’m facing a little problem with the fitting, as it is kind of loose but no matter, it looks great anyways and can’t wait to show-off with my friends.

2)     I highly support Arnold Schwarzenegger, and to show him more I got myself the  “Terminator Leather Jacket” that I can style it up in 2 ways. 1 for causal outings and 2 as a biker wear, cause in the movie while he was driving his biker, he wore this jacket and it seems to look completely like a Biker Jacket.About the Jacket, it is very comfortable and it is also warm which will be the best advantage for winter. It is not very tight, it is bit loose which is totally alright. Thank you Celebswear, will look forward for more and will recommend to all.

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The Matrix is the movie that brought back those memories I cherished with my family. Always wished to style like Neo, especially his acts of dodging the bullets, so I purchased the “Matrix Neo Black Coat” and I will wear it for winter, if I have any Hangouts. It fitted me well and it looks totally good. Keep up the good work as even the delivery service of my piece reached to me on time.

In my closet I got black and brown jackets, so I decided to try something new. So by the great thanks to, I’ve purchased the “Fight Club  Coat”, which is very durable and comfortable when I wore it. The leather is great and it’s warm too. Going to make a use of it for any event I may want to attend. Thank you for your great service.

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Thanks to Celebswear I’ve received the “Indiana Jones Leather Jacket” on time as I wanted to wear it for my friend’s 80’s night where everyone gets to dress as their legends and I pick Indiana Jones. So when I received this jacket, it is very good, perfect fitting and the details and design are of complete match. Now I’m all prepared to party with this jacket and let the action begin.

My bro is a rider, so thought I could surprise him with a biker jacket. Thanks to, I came across the “Easy Rider Jacket and the reason I choose that is because he watched the Easy Rider movie yesterday and he loved it and another reason is because it is a black jacket and he loves black. So I received the jacket on time and in good condition and surprised my bro. He loved it and he loves fitting of the jacket. So basically Celebswear you got yourself a customer satisfactied.

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Happy Reviews

I always loved the Happy Days Show, and the character Fonzie was one epic character that has ever been played by Henry Winkler, but sad that It got over . So in order to bring back those memories back I’ve purchased the “Happy Days Fonzie Jacket” from Celebswear and it is very comfortable with the features that really made a great deal towards this comfy jacket. So now it’s my turn to use the Fonzie’s Catch phrase on the ladies and that is “EEHHHH” (Fingers Snap).

The “Dr Who Leather Jacket” is what I ordered for my friend as he’s more of a simple type of guy who goes for anything simple which he has less of a fashionable sense. So that’s the reason why I purchased this piece and most importantly is the delivery I received on time. For him he loved and it’s really warm and comfortable so totally he is satisfied with the jacket, so thanks

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